Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of School

First Day of School

Cajsa-Second Grade
Hayden-Fourth Grade
Hunter-Seventh Grade


Mexico 2012

Rick and I had the amazing opportunity to visit his uncle and aunt in Veracruz Mexico!  Janet's brother, David, is the current temple president there and he and his wife, Mayrene, invited anyone who would like to come visit to come while the temple was closed for two weeks for cleaning.  We had been wanting to go and the timing worked out perfect...soooo...we were able to go with Janet and Heather, Rick's sister and had the most incredible time!  While there we visited Veracruz, Santiago, Palenque, Campeche, Merida, Chichen Itza, a Cenote (underground watering hole), the oldest church in the America's, the home of was amazing, I'm sure I'm missing a few places, but I left wanting to return...these are a few of the pictures we took while there.


The Waterfalls in Santiago


With our Guide at Palenque the HOA's here!

Summer Fun!

The kids each took turns making breakfast during the summer...Cajsa is posing for her first morning making toast and bacon...

Hayden at Camp Heard for Day Camp...

Another day at the Museum of Natural History in Mesa...they uncovered all the bones of a T-Rex!

Father's Day!  They each decorated ties for him and he wore them all to church!

Gilbert Temple...the kids were each given a little piece of the granite that was used to build it.

At the State Capitol waiting for Hunter to finish his merit badge for Citizenship in the Nation.

Each day was finished off with a bike ride and the neighbors making our own rain storm...who would believe it is over 100 degrees and Gunnar is wearing long sleeves and long pants...

Hunter "working the floor" at the State Capitol...

Hunter's Birthday

Hunter's 12th Birthday!  He wanted a watch cake this year...I guess he is becoming his father...

Mother's Day 2012

The boys were in their rooms for quite some time when they came out to have me come in their room and presented me with this... it came out upside's Happy Mother's Day with a heart at the top......

End of the School Year Activities

May is always squished with activities and here are a few that we were able to participate in...

Cajsa finished her third year in the Let's Play Music program!  Yay!  She played her first song that she has written called "Little Rosemary Flower"...

After years of begging to take dance we were finally able to have her start dance lessons with Miss Laurie....Here she is with two of her dance friends, twins, Ashlyn and Amara at their dance recital.

Hunter and I were able to go to the Mother/Son Father/Daughter Dance at school....I had fun embarrassing him with my smooth dance moves...

Gunnar is now a preschool graduate!  Here he is with two of his teachers, Miss Joanna and Mrs. Laree...I can't believe my baby is going to Kindergarten!

Cajsa and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Garrison...She absolutely loves school and can't get enough...Cajsa is the one who actually wants more homework!

Hayden presenting his report on the Bark Scorpion...He is so creative and I loved seeing him so excited about learning....even if it was about scorpions...
Rain!  Finally!  Gunnar ran around and sang in the rain until he couldn't take it anymore....I had more fun watching him than he did splashing!